186cm Tromsø Outdoor, wide skis handmade by Twistem Skis, man model

Dato: Mandag 1 jan 2018 - fredag 15 jun 2018

Length: 186cm
Dimensions: 134-105-120
Radius: 25m
Weight: 1700g per ski

A true Tromsø ski suitable for the mountains and conditions that we face up in the north. Good edge grip, great flotation and lightweight to make sure you can enjoy the ascent just as much as the descent. If you missed the northern light on the sky you can enjoy them on the skis, as the design is inspired by the northern lights, Ishavskatedral and the whales that visit us each year outside Tromsø. A truly astonishing ski to have on your feet.

The skis are handmade just outside Tromsø!

The main difference with these skis comparing to the Dynafit's is that they will be easier to ski when the conditions are changing or the snow is challenging. A bit higher weight will ensure better downhill attributes, but still light enough to enjoy the ascent.

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19 Jan
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Mandag 22 jan 2018

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