Avalanche Airbag Backpack BCA Float 36

Dato: Søndag 1 okt 2017 - lørdag 30 jun 2018

Float 36 is designed for ski patrollers and snow professionals; thus it is big, burly, and has lots of features.

Dual hipbelt pockets, goggle pocket, interior zip pockets, ice axe holders, helmet mesh carrier, insulated hydration bladder hose sleeve, vertical snowboard carry, vertical ski carry, and a sort of diagonal ski carry are among the myriad features. It’s possible to push the skis diagonally a bit by being creative with the straps. Nearly all of the straps tuck out of the way, leaving a simple looking pack with clean lines. Gone are the ice and snow catcher ‘gap’ between the airbag compartment and the rest of the pack, and the velcro airbag closure, which has been replaced with a break away zipper.

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