Isfiske og trugertur på Kåfjorden

Adresse: Garve Hansens vei 5, 9144 Samuelsberg Dato: Fredag 15 feb 2019 - torsdag 28 feb 2019 Vis kart

Adresse: Garve Hansens vei 5, 9144 Samuelsberg

Try icefishing on the sea ice at the Kåfjord/Lyngenfjord. Before we will go on a snowshoetour, exploring the closer region and we will do a bonfire to get some warm drinks and snacks.

The tour starts in Birtavarre at the Joker Shop at 10:30 am.
However, there is a possibility for pick up in Olderdalen or Skibotn at 09:50 am.

The Guide will provide you with snowshoes and will explain how to use them and take you for a 2-3 km walk depending on skill and motivation.
After the snowshoeing, we will go for the sea-ice. There we will use kick sledges (“spark”) or snowshoes to move around. Finding a good place for ice fishing
In between, we will do a bonfire and we will serve warm drinks and snacks.
At 14:30 we are back at the camp.

Transfer back to Olderdalen. Arrival in Olderdalen 15:00.

• Guided snowshoes trip
• Snowshoes
• Ice fishing equipment
• Transfers from Olderdalen/Skibotn
• Warm drinks and snacks

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