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Afterski in Lyngenfjord - 3 matches

After ski offers Artic Lyngen Sjøcamp

After ski offers Artic Lyngen Sjøcamp

Area: Outer Kåfjord

Afterski AFTER YOUR SKI-TRIP WE OFFER · Shower · Sauna · Dinner (2-courses - Mix of kingcrab, seafood and salad as starters and bacalao as a main course. "Riskrem" as desser...

Afterski - Lauksletta Overnatting

Afterski - Lauksletta Overnatting

Area: Arnøya

Food and drink, Afterski Lauksletta Overnatting offers afterski waffles on order. From easter and through the skiing season. Welcome!

Afterski - Lyngen Experience Lodge

Afterski - Lyngen Experience Lodge

Area: Outer Lyngen - Ullsfjord

Food and drink, Afterski Lyngen Experience Lodge has open restaurant/bar for afterski every day 15:00 - 20:00, from 26. March and out April.

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