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To do in Lyngenfjord - 78 matches

Activity Date Price
1 Bicycle rental at Elektro Sport Rental, Bike, Summer activities Map
fr. 250 NOK
2 Bios Café AS Café, Food and drink, Restaurant Map
3 Boat transfer Summit to sea - Lyngen Experience Winter activities, Ski, Rental/Boat transport Map
4 Boattransport to Strupen for skiing - Koppangen Brygger Winter activities, Ski, Rental/Boat transport Map
fr. 1200 NOK
5 Center of Northern Peoples Sami experiences, Sami experiences, Winter activities [...] Map
fr. 30 NOK
6 Dog sledding in Røyeldalen / Reisadalen Dogsledding Map
fr. 1800 NOK
7 Fryd Food and drink, Café, Restaurant Map
8 Guided hike to the three countries cairn - Adventure by Design Summer activities, Hiking Map
fr. 1275 NOK
9 Guided hiking trip to nowhere - Adventure by Design Summer activities, Hiking Map
10 Kayak rental Rental, Kayak, Summer activities [...] Map
fr. 350 NOK
11 K-Punktet Kafé Food and drink, Café, Fast food take away [...] Map
12 Lauksletta Overnatting Food and drink, Café, Restaurant Map
13 RIB fjord tour - Experience the Lyngenfjord Summer activities, Boat trips Map
fr. 970 NOK
14 RIB-boat - Dogsledding or Reindeer sledding Activities Map
15 Selected trails in the Lyngenfjord region - Mountain Biking Guide Brochures Map
16 Ski- and snowshoe rental at ElektroSport Rental, Ski/Snowshoes, Winter activities [...] Map
fr. 350 NOK
17 Tørfoss Kven Farm Activities Map
18 Visit Kronebutikken Activities Map
fr. 750 NOK

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