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Dog sledding on wheels.

Address: Ørnesbakken 31, 9060 Lyngseidet

Address: Ørnesbakken 31, 9060 Lyngseidet

Come with us on a Troll cart trip, with a dog team in front. Experience the scenery in stunning autumn colors, such as yellow, red, orange and berries in different varieties.

Perhaps the snow glitters on the peaks of the Lyngen Alps and just to be out in this mighty nature is an incredibly colorful experience.
Come with us on a Troll cart trip, with a dog team in front. We start in the camp, putting harneses on the dogs, put them in a team, and start the trip on nice roads through the woods, in beautiful Skibotn Valley.
Here you will have the opportunity to drive Dog sledding on wheels which is a great activity before the snow comes. 2 people share a carriage and you can change to drive.

The trip will last for aproxamently 1.5 hours, we have to stop several times during the trip to give water to the dogs, then we go back to the camp and have some biscuits and tea / coffee..There will also be time to play with the dog.

Periode: 1. sept - 15. dec. (- depend of snow )
Level: Easy - medium
Duration: 6,5 timer
Participant: 4 - 14 pers.
Price: Kr. 1895,- p.p.
Child: Kr. 1000,- p.p.

09.00 - Departure Scandic Ishavshotel, Tromsø ( meet 10 min prior)
11.00 - Skibotn and Husky, coffee/ tea and cookies
13.00 - Departure Skibotn
13.45 - Hot meal at Vollan Gjestestue
15.30 - Tromsø

Booking deadline: 14-hour prior

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