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Datum: Sonntag 1 dez 2019 - Dienstag 31 Mrz 2020

Come and visit our beautiful Alaskan Huskys and join us for a beautiful ride.

The Alaskan Huskys will great you with excited barking and friendly attitude, willingly pulling the sled into the valley of Skibotn. We will travel through the pine tree wood and into the beautiful white mountains. We will have a perfect view to the extraordinary mountain range, The Lyngen Alps.

When you come to Skibotn by bus, you will get outdoor clothes and shoes.
Experienced dog mushers will give you instructions on how to drive a dog sled. You will drive in pairs, one driver and one passenger on the sled. You can switch during the ride.

The trip will last for 1,5 – 2 hours. We will have a quick break halfway, where you will get the opportunity to take pictures, change drivers, and cuddle the dogs. When you come back to the camp you will get a hot meal, fresh mountain spring water, and a drink of coffee or tea. After the meal the bus will take you back to Tromsø. (If you booked another experience with us, the guide will pick you up after the meal.)

Pick up by minibus/bus in Tromsø_____ transfer time is 1 hour and 45 minutes.

Whats included:
• English speaking guide.
• Hot meal, vegetarian is available if you order forehand.
• Insulated bodysuit, shoes, gloves and headwear.
• Evening trips will give you the chance of seeing the Aurora Borealis.
• Day trips will give you the chance of seeing the Lyngen Alps.

We recommend that you have warm undergarments. Wool or fleece is the best.
The dog sledding activity will be mildly physically challenging.

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